Welcome to Chesterfield Netball Association

As Chairperson and League Co-ordinator of this thriving ‘Association’, I extend a very warm welcome to you on behalf of myself and The Netball League Committee.

As we finally move forward into the 21st Century with an attempt to ‘put you more in the know’ about Our League, where we come from and what we are about, I hope you will find the information contained over the next few pages interesting, informative and relevant to the ‘day to day / week to week / month to month’ running of the Chesterfield Ladies Netball League.

In my role as Chairperson over the past 20 years, it has always been my sole intention to maintain and if possible ‘Raise The Profile and Status’ of Ladies Netball in Chesterfield and the surrounding District. Hopefully this has been achieved, with over 40 teams now playing within Our League and it would appear that many ladies are continuing to enjoy their chosen sport within a ‘Very Friendly League’ or a ‘Return to Netball’.

This achievement would not have been possible without the dedication and help of many enthusiastic individuals over the past 54 years and as we move forward into an era where a ‘Major Boost Of Funding’ (long overdue in my opinion), is to be injected ‘Into Our Sport’, we can only believe that all their hard work and countless hours spent over these years have been worthwhile.

Long may Netball continue to thrive and flourish in our area and I look forward with optimism to the continued success of The Chesterfield Ladies Netball League.



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